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and sounds the most logical...

Thanks Reg,


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Op 14 apr 2009, om 03:31 heeft Reg Paling het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Fred,
> Somewhere in the documentation there is a clear statement that in  
> the context of a subwindow, $cinst refers to the subwindow instance  
> and $cwind refers to the outermost containing window instance.  This  
> is true whether or not the subwindow is nested inside other  
> container objects on the window.
> If there exist any container objects in between, and you need to get  
> at them, you have to walk up the tree using $container().  There  
> could be any number of nested levels of containers in between.
> If you are trying to get the class of the outermost window, then  
> $cwind.$class().$name is the best way to do it, because it makes use  
> of the documented behaviour of $cwind which exists for that very  
> purpose.
> Cheers,
> Reg
> Fred Brinkman wrote:
>> close... ;-)
>> The subwindow is in a tabpane, so I get the name of the tabpane in  
>> $cinst.$container().$name, but when I use $cinst.$container(). 
>> $fullname it show the window-instance, not the class... $cinst. 
>> $class.$name and $cinst.$wind.$class().$name give me what I need so  
>> the problem itself is solved
>> Thanks for pointing me to another way to go!
>> Fred
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