O$: Instance name from Subwindow

Reg Paling Reg.Paling at Lokanet.com
Mon Apr 13 21:31:23 EDT 2009

Hi Fred,

Somewhere in the documentation there is a clear statement that in the 
context of a subwindow, $cinst refers to the subwindow instance and 
$cwind refers to the outermost containing window instance.  This is true 
whether or not the subwindow is nested inside other container objects on 
the window.

If there exist any container objects in between, and you need to get at 
them, you have to walk up the tree using $container().  There could be 
any number of nested levels of containers in between.

If you are trying to get the class of the outermost window, then 
$cwind.$class().$name is the best way to do it, because it makes use of 
the documented behaviour of $cwind which exists for that very purpose.


Fred Brinkman wrote:
> close... ;-)
> The subwindow is in a tabpane, so I get the name of the tabpane in 
> $cinst.$container().$name, but when I use 
> $cinst.$container().$fullname it show the window-instance, not the 
> class... $cinst.$class.$name and $cinst.$wind.$class().$name give me 
> what I need so the problem itself is solved
> Thanks for pointing me to another way to go!
> Fred

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