Getting server IP address

Bastiaan Olij lists at
Mon Apr 13 19:05:36 EDT 2009

Hey $All,

I'm sure this was handled a week or so ago but I can't find the topic
anymore on the list. I want to know what the IP addresses are on which
Omnis is listening (or just get these from the OS and assume Omnis is
listening through those IPs). I need a solution for both Mac and Windows

Also does someone know how I can force Omnis to accept another port?
I've noticed that when $serverport is not set and I set it, Omnis binds
to that port right away, but if I change $serverport afterwards I need
to restart Omnis before it will bind to the new port meaning $serverport
and the actual port Omnis is listening on could be different.

Many thanks,


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