O$: couple questions

Mike Matthews omnis at lineal.co.uk
Sun Apr 12 04:40:09 EDT 2009

n 12 Apr 2009, at 00:14, Kelly Burgess wrote:

> Alan wrote:
>> Hmmm... in a text file what else could be used other than chr(012)  
>> or 015?
> Keith wrote:
>> 013 and 010 are used by some systems
> Same thing, just that Alan's speaking octal... he must be older than  
> Keith...

Difficult to see how that could possibly be.  The only person I know  
coming close to Keith is Jock, so that gives you some sort of scale.

> Had a fun file a customer was trying to import into TheRecipeManager  
> - some lines had CR endings, others had CRLF endings, same file.  
> Tough to code against that...


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