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In the old printer days:
CR means bring the printer head to the start of the line.
LF means, roll the paper one line further.
So in the printer world, both where needed to cleanly go to the next
line, but rarely would you have use to only do one or the other (mind
you, this was from before I was born so I do not pretent to understand
the complexities of those days long ago).

In the OS world for some reason Mac stuck with CR only, Unix stuck with
LF, and Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to keep the combination.

Omnis being cross platform on Mac and Windows has got pretty good
support to recognise CR and CR/LF combinations and react to this correctly.

Anyways, back to the $add question. Please be aware that if you use
$define to define the list using variables, those columns get bound to
those variables and $add will load whatever is currently loaded in those
variables into your list just like the old 4GL "add line to list" did.



Mike Matthews wrote:
> Hmmm, 13 and 10 are the ascii for CR and LF which are required as a
> pair sometimes for printers and not others, very OS dependent.  Too
> long ago now, but I remember having all of my text printed on a single
> line of paper, so it was all black.  Saved paper, but not ink.
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> On 11 Apr 2009, at 19:50, Keith Bartlett wrote:
>> Hi Alan
>> 013 and 010 are used by some systems
>> Cheers
>> Keith
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