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Alan Schmidt alan at goconnected.com
Sat Apr 11 12:26:15 EDT 2009

on 4/11/09 9:21 AM, Andy Hilton at andyh at totallybrilliant.com wrote:

> Alan
> Ok good to know about the fault....
> I have not done nearly as much weird importing in Studio as I used to do in
> O7, but somehow the need has seemed less for me in Studio (which is a good
> thing !)
> The issue about the line returns is I think simply that there are 2 - which
> is more than a single choice ! Studio may well be better at deciphering
> either or, where I recall O7 would get all in a knot over the two...
Yep, I agree...thanks for the info Andy.


> On 4/11/09 12:14 PM, "Alan Schmidt" <alan at goconnected.com> wrote:
>> on 4/11/09 9:04 AM, Andy Hilton at andyh at totallybrilliant.com wrote:
>>> Alan
>>> In my opinion it's not a bug if you are set to use quote marks as your text
>>> delimiter and then have a quote mark inside your data, however unpalatable
>>> that may appear ! Change your text delimiter in whatever is creating the
>>> file to be imported....:)
>> I agree with you. I'm referring to tab delimited file with a double quote
>> inside. That should be acceptable and did work prior to Studio 4.3. This is
>> fault #ST/IE/104. Support says it will be fixed in v5.
>>> I have used for many years Kellys most excellent ParseFile external for
>>> doing text manipulations that involve oddball data importing....it has been
>>> a lifesaver on innumerable occasions.....
>>> You are right that the line return is the delimiter used for determining the
>>> 'field' being imported so it itself is not imported no....just beware of the
>>> fact that it is easy to receive text files where a line return gets ignored
>>> if it is of the wrong type and then you end up with an unholy mess of text
>>> to deal with where the columns all go wrong and you want to give up and go
>>> home....!! The joys of importing....
>> Hmmm... in a text file what else could be used other than chr(012) or 015?
>> Thanks for the info Andy.
>> -Alan
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