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Alan Schmidt alan at goconnected.com
Sat Apr 11 11:54:41 EDT 2009

on 4/11/09 8:44 AM, Andy Hilton at andyh at totallybrilliant.com wrote:

> Alan
> I don't know of any 'bugs' with Import field from file, however there are
> many and various things that can occur from the actual data that you
> import....these mostly center around things like line ending characters and
> so on - essentially it is all to do with the formatting of the text being
> imported, so for example having quote marks within your data can be ruinous
> to an import which is using quote marks to wrap around text !

This is exactly the situation I'm using it for, because the Import Data
command has such a nasty bug when trying to import double quotes.

> Then you also
> get the thorny old issue of mac data and windows data using differing hex
> characters for line returns....
I thought that might be an issue but in my tests (on a Mac) I don't see any
line return chars. Looks to me like it imports the record less the line
return. Is that incorrect?

> None of which I would say are 'bugs' but all of which can give you great
> pains !!!
> Regarding the use of $add - there are various things to consider in what you
> say you want....using $add with no parameters should give you a line with
> nulls in each column - this may not be what you really want, as 'empty' can
> mean different things to different people ! Your backend may reject certain
> columns with nulls in them, that's a different story....
Yes, good point about nulls. I'm not using with a SQL backend but that's
still something to be aware of.

> Hope that may help
Does help- Thanks Andy.


> On 4/11/09 11:13 AM, "Alan Schmidt" <alan at goconnected.com> wrote:
>> 1. Is anyone aware of issues (bugs) with the ³Import field from file²
>> command? Especially when used with tab delimited files.
>> 2. Is Do MyList.$add(Œ¹) an absolutely safe way to add an empty line to a
>> list or is there a better way? The list has multiple columns and I want each
>> column to be empty.
>> Thank you and Happy Easter.
>> -Alan
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