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Andy Hilton andyh at totallybrilliant.com
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I don't know of any 'bugs' with Import field from file, however there are
many and various things that can occur from the actual data that you
import....these mostly center around things like line ending characters and
so on - essentially it is all to do with the formatting of the text being
imported, so for example having quote marks within your data can be ruinous
to an import which is using quote marks to wrap around text ! Then you also
get the thorny old issue of mac data and windows data using differing hex
characters for line returns....

None of which I would say are 'bugs' but all of which can give you great
pains !!!

Regarding the use of $add - there are various things to consider in what you
say you want....using $add with no parameters should give you a line with
nulls in each column - this may not be what you really want, as 'empty' can
mean different things to different people ! Your backend may reject certain
columns with nulls in them, that's a different story....

In StudioWorks we have a command Do MyList.$addNewLine() which will add (to
a sql defined list) a new line and parse through it setting up any default
values we have set up for that table/tables so we can set each column as
blank, null, 0, #D or whatever we may want it to start as.....this then
means when we come to save the line we know that all our default 'rules'
should have been covered in the event we didn't visit any particular column
during our operational code.....

Hope that may help


On 4/11/09 11:13 AM, "Alan Schmidt" <alan at goconnected.com> wrote:

> 1. Is anyone aware of issues (bugs) with the ³Import field from file²
> command? Especially when used with tab delimited files.
> 2. Is Do MyList.$add(Œ¹) an absolutely safe way to add an empty line to a
> list or is there a better way? The list has multiple columns and I want each
> column to be empty.
> Thank you and Happy Easter.
> -Alan
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