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David Swain dataguru at polymath-bus-sys.com
Fri Apr 10 09:21:11 EDT 2009


If you want to read about a technique for resizing fields and font  
sizes within those fields on a window, I wrote an article for Omnis  
Tech News back in 2003 that did this on a resize of the window  
instance. The article can be found here:


There is also a demonstration library for that technique on my  
OmnisTraining web site. Just go to:


and click on the "Demonstration Libraries" link in the sidebar on the  
left - then scroll down the main frame.



On Apr 10, 2009, at 9:07 AM, Andy Hilton wrote:

> Many thanks - I figured it wasn't anything too hard !
> On 4/10/09 8:48 AM, "David Swain" <dataguru at polymath-bus-sys.com>  
> wrote:
>> The text shown on the Welcome window is in an HTML Control field.  
>> This
>> field has a $fontsizeadj property that adjusts the font size of all
>> paragraphs shown up or down by up to 3 sizes (in HTML-speak) from the
>> original size. The slider is just a normal slider control.
>> On Apr 10, 2009, at 8:10 AM, Andy Hilton wrote:
>>> Does anyone know if there is access available to the welcome screen
>>> that
>>> comes up on a new Studio install ?
>>> Or more to the point I would like to have a play with the ‘slider’
>>> component
>>> that varies the font size of the window – does anyone know where/
>>> what that
>>> actually is or have any code samples ?

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