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Geir Fjærli omnis at sunshinedata.com
Fri Apr 10 09:07:18 EDT 2009

I assume it is the screen that you get when selecting "New Users..." from
the Tools menu. It is a private library, so you cannot get at the code. But
I assume that the slider is just a standard external slider component that
adjusts the fontsize property of each field on the window.

Something like this will do it:

On evNewValue
Calculate #1 as 10     ;; Original fontsize
Calculate $cinst.$objs.somefield.$fontsize as #1*pNewVal

Now for positive values to scale up this is sufficient. You may want to use
another calculation, so that the size doesn't increase quite as rapidly:

Calculate $cinst.$objs.somefield.$fontsize as #1+(2*pNewVal)

That will increase the fontsize by two points for each slider value.

If you also want to be able to reduce it, assign a negative start value to
the slider, say from -2 to +7. Then use the second calculation. Then with a
start size of 10 points you will get a range from 6 points to 24.

Hope this helps.

Geir :)

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Does anyone know if there is access available to the welcome screen that
comes up on a new Studio install ?

Or more to the point I would like to have a play with the Œslider¹ component
that varies the font size of the window ­ does anyone know where/what that
actually is or have any code samples ?

Many thanks and a happy Easter to all


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