O$: is this a text file import bug?

Fred Brinkman fred.brinkman at euromnis.org
Wed Apr 8 19:55:28 EDT 2009

there's a $prefs.$exportedquotes for the export which you can switch  
on and off, don't know if it has any effect on importing... maybe  
worth trying?



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Op 9 apr 2009, om 01:42 heeft Alan Schmidt het volgende geschreven:

> I’m trying to import (using the Import Data command) a tab delimited  
> text
> file with numerous columns. One of the columns contains long text  
> entries
> some having a double quote character (for inch measurements, and  
> there’s no
> more than one double quote per record). When this file is imported  
> using
> Studio 4.3.1, the double quote character causes the tab delimiters  
> for all
> the following columns to be ignored and they are all crammed  
> together into a
> single field. If I remove the double quote using a text editor it  
> imports
> fine. I can also import this same file properly using Studio 4.2  
> with or
> without the double quotes. Is this a bug in Studio 4.3 or is there a  
> new
> preference setting that changes the import behavior?
> Thanks for the help.
> -Alan
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