O$: is this a text file import bug?

Alan Schmidt alan at goconnected.com
Wed Apr 8 19:42:47 EDT 2009

I¹m trying to import (using the Import Data command) a tab delimited text
file with numerous columns. One of the columns contains long text entries
some having a double quote character (for inch measurements, and there¹s no
more than one double quote per record). When this file is imported using
Studio 4.3.1, the double quote character causes the tab delimiters for all
the following columns to be ignored and they are all crammed together into a
single field. If I remove the double quote using a text editor it imports
fine. I can also import this same file properly using Studio 4.2 with or
without the double quotes. Is this a bug in Studio 4.3 or is there a new
preference setting that changes the import behavior?

Thanks for the help.


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