O$4.3.1 crashing on Terminal Server

Mary Whittaker mary at healthsolve.com.au
Wed Apr 8 01:11:39 EDT 2009

Hi all,

We are trying to run our Omnis app on Windows Terminal Server and  
encountering a bizarre error :

	Quitting Omnis due to unrecoverable error.
	Unexpected error code : 1

Omnis Tech Support have indicated that they don't support Omnis  
running on Terminal Server (or Citrix or Winframe), although they  
know that many developers happily do.  They have referred us to this  
list for help!!

I have driven myself nuts trying to diagnose the cause of the  
problem, because it is quite random, but here are some things that I  
have found so far.

1)	It crashes if the client is Remote Desktop.  It doesn't crash if  
the client is CoRD (on Mac).  (However, CoRd does ugly things to some  
of the graphics !)
2)	It crashes if the user on the windows machine is the same on both  
sessions or different
3)	It often crashes when we open a module that opens a separate  
library (but not always).  When we open a separate library we copy  
objects from the main library to the secondary library and I was  
wondering if this might cause access violation issues.
4)	The secondary library contained a timer procedure.  However, I  
turned it off and it made no difference.

I will keep experimenting, but was wondering if anyone has any ideas  
about what could cause such as problem.  It may save me a lot of time  
(and a lot of hair !!)

Kind Regards

Mary Whittaker
Senior Business Analyst

Office:  61 08 8203 0500
mobile: 0417 848028
Email: mary at clintelsystems.com.au

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