O$ - DAM issue - differences between dev and runtime

Nick Harris nick.harris at exact.be
Tue Apr 7 12:37:03 EDT 2009

Do default is essential for report programming when you override the
$print method.
Without it you get nothing out

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Hi David,

As you are overrriding $update, do default is not the correct way to
invoke the standard logic.

Try either doing a "do inherited" or what I find easier/better myself:
do $inherited.$update() returns lvSuccess

Which allows you to parse any additional parameters.

I can't remember off the top of my head when you had to use do default.
I hardly use that one in my code.



David Walton wrote:
> Okay... no responses. Let's try again.
> I have a table method that is called $update. It processes some
> history, checks that the user has changed some values, then says  "Do
> default" with a return value. The problem is that I get different
> results from the return value on the do default in runtime than in
> development.
> Can someone tell me what I should expect from the return value on a do
> default? Is it boolean, numeric, etc? It seems to be returning a blank
> (like '').
> Thanks.

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