o7: Oracle Advanced Security

Chally, Mark S (N-Kforce) mark.s.chally at ulalaunch.com
Mon Apr 6 15:45:18 EDT 2009

I don't suppose anyone has ever used the Omnis 7 Oracle DAM with an Oracle server that has the Oracle Advanced Security option enabled?  I'm looking into a secure login using Oracle's DBMS_LDAP package.  I can work it without SSL (and have before when there was no SSL option) but if one uses SSL, there's a small matter of the likelihood that the DAM isn't going to communicate through SSL (unless...)

Also of interest would be whether anyone has any experience with such in Omnis Studio (as this may be a good excuse to move to Studio-for one thing, we don't have the gold-plated support option for O7.)

Mark Chally
United Launch Alliance
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