O$ - DAM issue - differences between dev and runtime

David Walton omuser at charlie.housing.admin.nyu.edu
Sat Apr 4 06:44:05 EDT 2009


I'm testing a runtime of my library using the mysql dam. It works fine  
when I'm in development but not in runtime. It also seems to be  
specific to mysql. Here's the issue.

I have a table class which issues a Do default (returning #F) during a  
delete or an update. When in runtime, the flag returns false even  
though the update or delete is successful. This doesn't happen in  
development. Could anyone offer me a clue as to why this might occur?

The code looks like this:

Do default Returns #F
If flag false
   OK message  {Unable to update [itablename] [tref.$errortext()].}
   Do tref.$rollback()
   Quit method kFalse
   Do tref.$commit()
End If


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