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HI Clifford

We are dealing with Bed and Breakfast owners here, trying to install ODB 
on their internal networks.  DNS is not an option unfortunately


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> Alex Clay wrote:
>> On Apr 3, 2009, at 2:17 PM, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
>>> out of interest, why does it matter (or whats the business purpose) of
>>> how the machine gets its ip?
>>> you can get static addresses from DHCP bound to a mac address or
>>> dynamic ones.
>> It matters if you want to detect that your user is running DHCP on their
>> database server and advise them against that practice (causes headache
>> re-configuring clients with the server's IP changes).
> It wouldn't matter if you had DNS on the network and pointed the clients
> to the host name rather than the IP address of the db server. DNS was
> invented to deal with that very problem. As Doug pointed out, you could
> also provision the same IP address to a given host based upon the MAC
> address. When we set up a network, typically, there is only one machine
> with a static IP address, the machine that is serving dhcp requests.
> Every other machine on the network can and should be
> dynamically-assigned, even if we're assigning the same IP address to
> them every time.
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