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Alex Clay wrote:
> On Apr 3, 2009, at 2:17 PM, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
>> out of interest, why does it matter (or whats the business purpose) of
>> how the machine gets its ip?
>> you can get static addresses from DHCP bound to a mac address or
>> dynamic ones.
> It matters if you want to detect that your user is running DHCP on their
> database server and advise them against that practice (causes headache
> re-configuring clients with the server's IP changes).

It wouldn't matter if you had DNS on the network and pointed the clients
to the host name rather than the IP address of the db server. DNS was
invented to deal with that very problem. As Doug pointed out, you could
also provision the same IP address to a given host based upon the MAC
address. When we set up a network, typically, there is only one machine
with a static IP address, the machine that is serving dhcp requests.
Every other machine on the network can and should be
dynamically-assigned, even if we're assigning the same IP address to
them every time.
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