O$431 hide browser at startup in development mode

Michael Rowan mike.rowan at internode.on.net
Thu Apr 2 22:48:08 EDT 2009

Thanks David.  So obvious.


On 03/04/2009, at 11:53 AM, David Swain wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Click on the Omnis Studio version line in the sidebar on the left  
> side of the Browser window (above the Libraries line). Then look  
> just to the right of that. You'll see four hyperlink lines in the  
> main Browser window:
> Prefs
> Startup (open)
> Java
> About Studio
> Click on the "Startup (open)" line. Notice that it now says "Startup  
> (Closed)". When you next Quit and then restart Omnis Studio, the  
> Browser window will no longer appear.
> Regards,
> David
> On Apr 2, 2009, at 8:50 PM, Michael Rowan wrote:
>> I am sure I read in a post that theres a setting that hides the  
>> browser window when O$ starts.  Can anyone remind me where it is?
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