O$: Disappearing Code bug

Michael Seall ms at smartrack.co.uk
Thu Apr 2 11:28:08 EDT 2009

Lesson learnt Wendy! Just took 4 hours of lost work to beat it into me.

I've been searching Vista to see if it has hidden it somewhere, just in 
case, but it is nowhere to be found. It is the weirdest thing that has ever 
happened to me with Omnis. I have been running the window all afternoon and 
even writing up the user notes.


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> This has  just happened to me in 4.3.1. I can't ever remember it happening
> quite  like this. I've been working on a window all afternoon and it was
> looking  really neat. All nicely coded and working beautifully.
> I shut down  Studio and re-opened and what have I got? The window I had at
> noon with  hardly anything on it. I thought I was imagining things to 
> start
> with.
> Time to start all over again.  Grrrrr!
> Michael
> In some ways I am glad it is happening to other people and not just  me - 
> I
> have go into the habit of saving the work frequently so that when the 
> gremlins
> get to work I do not lose too much
> That does not help you much though
> Regards
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