O$: Disappearing Code bug

Michael Seall ms at smartrack.co.uk
Thu Apr 2 11:06:41 EDT 2009

This has just happened to me in 4.3.1. I can't ever remember it happening 
quite like this. I've been working on a window all afternoon and it was 
looking really neat. All nicely coded and working beautifully.

I shut down Studio and re-opened and what have I got? The window I had at 
noon with hardly anything on it. I thought I was imagining things to start 

Time to start all over again. Grrrrr!


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> Gavin Foster wrote:
>> Having read various comments on this, including Doug E's analysis, it
>> seems that Omnis has reasons not to save changes from time to time.
>> This may be because you are working on a class in memory, or it may be
>> something else.
> While it makes perfect sense that Omnis can't save classes in those
> cases, I, and others, have reported cases of this misbehaviour when
> there was nothing other than the usual edit/save cycle and this
> misbehaviour goes all the way back to Omnis 7. It never happened often
> enough to be a big concern for me but I've had exactly the same
> misbehaviour that Jean Marc described earlier where he wasn't doing
> anything special and his code disappeared. This is a bug, not a feature,
> and I suspect it will be very difficult to track down because it is so
> non-deterministic.
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