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Tom Gianni tgianni at
Wed Apr 1 07:30:59 EDT 2009

Hello all

I am not savvy at all with web development so I'm turning to you  all for
help and/or an opportunity

Does anyone know of an available program that will manage service and
maintenance calls for customers with multiple locations?  If so, I'd like to
hear about them.

Here's what I need in a nut shell ...

Web  Interface to studio that will allow vendors and customers to log on.  
The customer will enter jobs that require maintenance or service of some
type at their sites throughout the country (large retail chains for

The program will assign work orders to a predetermined list of vendors.  The
vendor will have a set amount of time (approx 24 hrs) to respond with
accept, reject, or no response.  If there is reject, or no response, the
work will be assigned to the next vendor in the preferred list.

Once accepted, the vendor will receive the order and a set of instructions
to call in from the store phone to log in and log out with the work order
number from the same phone so the time on site can be tracked.

Vendor invoices will be received through the web, and Customer invoices will
be generated.

This is multiple Customers, multiple vendors, and multiple sites.

If there is something out there that is available, I would prefer not to
re-invent the wheel.  However, my company is committed to move forward with
this project and I've got to get it done.

If we were to go to contract programming, you would have to be able to visit
our office (north of Philadelphia, PA) on a somewhat regular basis and
interact with our team (Me).

Please contact me off line if interested
Thanx a bunch

Tom Gianni
Imageone Industries
(215) 826-0880 ext 119
tgianni at

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