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>Gavin Foster wrote:
>>Hi David
>>Actually I agree. In a twisted way, I'm kind of proud that we are setting the pace. Still hurts when you fill up.


>(*) The one and only time I was in the U.K. was 1999 (I think). I was shocked that the U.K. had train cars that looked like they were straight out of "Thomas the Tank Engine" running between Stanstead and some train station in London, perhaps Waterloo. The cars were not just traveler-unfriendly. They were traveler-hostile. I'm sure they would have been pulled by steam locomotives at some point. It seemed like a system in transition though. There were some modern trains mixed in with the ancient stuff so hopefully, flush with tax funds, the creaky stuff has been replaced.
>By contrast, I took the train from Mischa's village, St. Johann, to Brussels and though I had to change trains a few times, even the older trains were perfectly fine. I found the trains on the continent to be uniformly better than in the U.K. France was a special case. Their trains are lovely... when their operators are not on strike :)

LOL.  Clifford's description reminded me of Laurie and my trip to Mitford House for the 20th anniversary celebration in 1999.  The train from London to Ipswich was nice enough but the train we switched to to get to Saxmundham was something out of the colonial era.  Open windows, hard seats, creaky undercarriage, all that was missing were chickens flying around and men sitting on the roof.

My contrast was the EuroStar.  Now that's my kind of train.

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