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Rainer R. Greim RGreim at
Fri May 30 03:05:10 EDT 2008

since I was listed on the foxpro list ( for sure I got  
many spam mails.
Thats why I was changing my emailadress from time to time or write  
something like

But as long there is a pulic search on listarchives one is able to  
grep the http stream and filters the adresses.

Thats why I dont allow Janalie to subscribe to some boards, because  
all adresses are routed to mine.

If you want to see, what you really recieve : set your  
mailserversettings to *@yourdomain.xxxx

You will be amazed to which namecombinations they try to send mails...

If you want to be safe with your real emailadress there is one and  
simple golden rule:
goto a free portal like gmx, web,.... and register a adress there.  
This one u could use then on different forums.


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