OS Problem with corrupted row.

Michael Rowan mike.rowan at internode.on.net
Fri May 30 00:10:47 EDT 2008

Hi All

In Omnis Studio 4.3 but noticed in 4.2 as well, on Mac OS 10.4,  
library converted from 4.0 long long ago.

In  a window I have an instance variable of type Row named iRow and  
another (older) named iPrintParams
In a method of that window:

1. Do iRow.$define()
2. calculate #1 as iRow.$linecount()	;; #1 reads "1" as I would expect.

3. Do iPrintParams.$define()
4. calculate #1 as iPrintParams.$linecount()	;; #1 reads "0" which we  
all know is impossible.

Deleting and re-creating iPrintParams fixes the problem.  However, if  
you are not aware of the possibility it can be very perplexing since,  
AFAIK it is not a possible possibility.

Michael Rowan
mike.rowan at internode.on.net

11 Kingscote Street
South Australia 5014

tel 618 8240 3993

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