$sendall again

Paul Jonson PaulJ at intheus.com
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For things like this I put code on the fields and use the $cfield.$whatever function.


On evClick     ;; Event Parameters - pRow( Itemreference )


Do $cwind.$objs.$sendall($ref.$resize(-1))


Do $cwind.$objs.$sendall($ref.$resize(1))

End If




$resize Method

Do $cfield.$width.$assign($cfield.$width()*(1+(.25*pParam)))

Do $cfield.$height.$assign($cfield.$height()*(1+(.25*pParam)))

Do $cfield.$left.$assign($cfield.$left()*(1+(.25*pParam)))

Do $cfield.$top.$assign($cfield.$top()*(1+(.25*pParam)))



Simple and fast.




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Thanks to all who have responded.


Still I can't get it to work.

This is part of the code:


Main merthod is tWind.$Resize

targetObject is an item reference parameter.


If $topwind.$class().$objs.[targetObject.$ident].$objtype=kScrollbox

    OK message  {Table   [targetObject.$name()]}      -      returns  

the right table name

    Do targetObject.$objs.$sendall($ref.tWind.$Size) Returns #1

    OK message  {[#1]      -       returns 47 which is correct

End If


Called method is tWind.$Size

parameter Object  -  item reference


Calculate Object.$width as Object.$width*1,25

Calculate Object.$height as Object.$height*1,25

Calculate Object.$left as Object.$left*1,25

Calculate Object.$top as Object.$top*1,25

Calculate Object.$fontsize as Object.$fontsize+1


tWind.$Size is never called. (Checked with OK messages)

I've also tried Do targetObject.$objs.$sendall($ref.tWind.$Size())

No difference.

Evidently the fault is in the calling line. Can't figure what is wrong.





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