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you mean something like a Segway?

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Op 29 mei 2008, om 19:19 heeft Chris Peck het volgende geschreven:

> I just read about a young college student in Canada who is  
> developing a two-wheeled (side-by-side) uni-motorcycle.  It's about  
> 1/2 the size of a typical motorcycle ... he's worked on the front-to- 
> back gyro-stabilizers and got them working, and now is working on  
> the side-to-side stabilization (harder code to write, he says, so he  
> needed some real help with that).  If he can get that working and  
> someone buys the technology for production, he'll be in for a nice  
> potential windfall.  That should get some great gas mileage and with  
> its size, he says it's very easy to maneuver in big city traffic.  I  
> know personally that switching from driving a very large pickup  
> truck to riding the train and using a large scooter/small motorcycle  
> to travel from the train station to work is saving me quite a bit at  
> the gas pump now.  With gas prices skyrocketing, I would think a lot  
> of emphasis on developing small personal transportation vehicles  
> that get great mileage will be occurring in the near future.
> Chris
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> Depends on the crop used, and location.  In Brazil the ethanol is
> produced IIRC with a particular variety of sugar cane that won't  
> grow up
> here.  Canada using wheat waste is a great idea, but how much is
> produced?  Ethanol was considered cheap to make here in the US too,
> until usage was mandated at a certain level.  It *was* cheap because
> they were using surplus corn to make the smaller quantities.  Now that
> it's mandated, a lot more is needed, there is no more surplus corn,  
> food
> prices have skyrocketed because farm production has shifted towards  
> corn
> for ethanol, there still isn't enough, and ethanol doesn't appear to  
> be
> the bargain it once appeared to be.
> Bottom line, it all depends on how much you need and if you have the
> farm capacity to to produce enough sugar in some sort of bio crop to
> meet your needs.  I don't know anything about Canada's ethanol
> consumption or wheat production relative to the US.  I'm surprised  
> that
> wheat waste (chaff?) makes a good ethanol source because it's  
> relatively
> low in sugar compared to sugar cane and corn.  If it does, and the US
> isn't doing it, it should.
> Rob
> CLIFFORD ILKAY wrote, On 5/29/2008 5:13 AM:
>> Alain Stouder wrote:
>>> This is great but with all new technology rising I heard concerns
>>> about ethanol costing more energy to produce in terms of CO2 (+  
>>> rising
>>> in small part the price of wheat ) than what it saves on using.
>>> It will take some years before of all these advanced projects one
>>> better solution emerges.
>> As my 15 year-old son, who just attended a week-long youth  
>> conference at
>> the University of Regina titled "Energy in the future: What  
>> opportunity?
>> What cost?", would tell you, that is not true, at least not in  
>> Canada.
>> Apparently, just from the plant waste from the Saskatchewan wheat  
>> crop,
>> which now just decomposes and is unused, we could produce enough  
>> ethanol
>> to power every car in Canada for a year. Why don't we? Our cars are  
>> not
>> designed to run on 100% ethanol but that will eventually change as
>> gasoline prices reach intolerable levels. When I was in Sao Paulo  
>> in the
>> mid-80s, most cars ran on domestically-produced ethanol and food was
>> dirt cheap.
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