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Alain Stouder omnis at smartway-software.com
Thu May 29 02:55:12 EDT 2008

This is great but with all new technology rising 
I heard concerns about ethanol costing more 
energy to produce in terms of CO2 (+ rising in 
small part the price of wheat ) than what it saves on using.

It will take some years before of all these 
advanced projects one better solution emerges.

At 19:19 28.05.2008, you wrote:

>Hi all,
>The car from Luleå University of Technology won 4 classes in the Shell
>Ecodriving Competition - and it was their first time!
>299 km on 1 liter of fuel...
>And you did not need to lie down or being dependent on the sun...
>I am really feeling proud...
>Take care,
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