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Rob Brandt bronto at
Thu May 29 00:24:42 EDT 2008

> Rob Brandt wrote:
>> Mailman has an option in which only subscribers can view the archives 
>> and the email addresses therein.
> You are talking about two different things, list archives and the list 
> of subscribers. The list archives have always been public and should 
> always remain so. The list of subscribers has been private for many 
> years and it should also remain so. Of course none of this stops list 
> subscribers from mining their own private list archives for email 
> addresses and spamming them, as a certain German company pitching an 
> Omnis/Flex framework did recently.

I didn't *mean* to be talking about two different things :)  I didn't 
realize that the OmnisCentral mailman list had a public archive, but I 
don't recall checking either way.  Regardless, the mailman archives 
could be made private if desired.  Not sure about admin-only access, but 
I think I said that I thought only "maybe".

>> I would bet that gmane has better search facilities than mailman does 
>> as well.
> What search facilities in Mailman? :)

There's a semi-official patch in the mailman project at sourceforge.  It 
mates a commonly available html indexer to pipermail, and does a decent 
job.  I did it for one list I ran at one time, but bailed on it because 
it had to be re-hacked with every mailman update.  Not worth it.


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