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Wed May 28 15:19:57 EDT 2008

Debra, there you put your finger on a sore spot (in my opinion)...  
yes, omnis-dev is publicly available, but so are the email addresses  
in there... so maybe it would be a good idea to have some kind of  
protection there as well.

On the other hand, it has always been this way and it has never caused  
any problems I know of...


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Op 28 mei 2008, om 21:08 heeft Debra Peters het volgende geschreven:

> Isn't the availability of the list on omnis-dev enough? Isn't this  
> site also publicly available? I definitely appreciate the fact that  
> email addresses of contributors are hidden in the omnis-dev venue,  
> and would be concerned about the potential of email-mining from some  
> place like
> Deb
> At 02:02 PM 5/28/2008, Fred Brinkman wrote:
>> Is there any added value by also publishing the list on gmane?
>> As long as the list remains where it is now and there's consensus it
>> should be at gmane as well then so be it, but I do hope that list
>> cannot be used for email-mining
>> Fred Brinkman
>> Op 28 mei 2008, om 19:48 heeft Mark Phillips het volgende geschreven:
>>> On May 28, 2008, at 2:20 AM, Matthias Henze wrote:
>>>> I've added the list to
>>> Matthias,
>>> I ask you, and any others so inclined, to refrain from unilateral
>>> actions such as this. We recommend you post a note asking for
>>> feedback from the membership.
>>> The reason is there may be some members who object to their
>>> submissions to the list being publicly archived. Consider the W3C
>>> lists: you cannot post until you indicate whether or not your
>>> submissions will be added to the public archive.
>>> The list admin's, as a group, do not care one way or the other. Each
>>> of us has their own opinion. My personal opinion is in favor of a
>>> public archive. Others may feel differently.
>>> I am going to disable the gmane account for the time being.
>>> If the list membership demonstrates a consensus to allow public
>>> archiving, one of the admins will reactivate the account.
>>> - Mark Phillips
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