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Mark Phillips mark.phillips at
Wed May 28 13:48:48 EDT 2008

On May 28, 2008, at 2:20 AM, Matthias Henze wrote:

> I've added the list to


I ask you, and any others so inclined, to refrain from unilateral  
actions such as this. We recommend you post a note asking for feedback  
from the membership.

The reason is there may be some members who object to their  
submissions to the list being publicly archived. Consider the W3C  
lists: you cannot post until you indicate whether or not your  
submissions will be added to the public archive.

The list admin's, as a group, do not care one way or the other. Each  
of us has their own opinion. My personal opinion is in favor of a  
public archive. Others may feel differently.

I am going to disable the gmane account for the time being.

If the list membership demonstrates a consensus to allow public  
archiving, one of the admins will reactivate the account.

  - Mark Phillips
Omnis List Admin

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