How do I detect a click in Graph2?

Inge Bøhn inge at
Tue May 27 13:48:32 EDT 2008

Hi all.

In Studio 4.2 Mac I have a window with a Graph2 xy bar chart that  
shows bars for different period in a year.

I want to click on a bar and get the "name" of this bar.

In the graph's $event method I detect some of the events that are  
described: evBefore and evAfter, evMousedown and some more.

This is an example of what I try to do:

On evGraphClick
	Calculate lvPeriodString as pSetname
	OK message  {The period is [lvPeriodString]}

But I can't detect this evGraphClick (except that it sometimes  
responds when I click inside a very small part of the graph).

Is there something I should have said by notation or something else I  
should have done that causes this?

Anyone having an idea?

Inge Bøhn

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