File export size question

Ben Weinberg ben at
Sun May 25 18:59:19 EDT 2008


I do have two lists in that file format so it appears that I can't use  
the tab-delimited option.  That would explain the big difference in  
exported file size as the tab-delimited export didn't contain either  
of the binary fields.  Do I have any other options?


On May 25, 2008, at 3:41 PM, Gavin Foster wrote:

> Hi Ben
> I reckon you've got a bad pointer or two in the data somewhere.  
> Amazing how Omnis keeps going even in such cases.
> The Ommis data transfer format keeps the internal Omnis data  
> structure intact so it can be used to export/import binary data  
> fields like lists etc. The downside is that it would keep bad data  
> intact too.
> So I would suggest export in tab delimited and import to a new  
> datafile ( assuming you have no binary data fields to preserve in  
> there).
> Gav
> On 25 May 2008, at 18:04, Ben Weinberg <ben at> wrote:
>> Listers:
>> I am working with an O$3.3 native data file where one file format  
>> takes up more blocks than I think it should.  The Data file browser  
>> shows this file's max record length at nearly 5 MB.  My objective  
>> is to locate and delete this particular record.
>> I have written a method to step through the records and sum the  
>> lengths and binlengths of selected suspect fields and none shows a  
>> field anywhere near that big.
>> Next, I exported the file's data in two ways: tab-delimited and  
>> Omnis.  The tab-delimited export file is about 10 MB while the  
>> Omnis export file is 83 MB.
>> Can anyone shed some light on this?
>> Ben Weinberg
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