File export size question

Gavin Foster omnislist at
Sun May 25 18:41:02 EDT 2008

Hi Ben

I reckon you've got a bad pointer or two in the data somewhere.  
Amazing how Omnis keeps going even in such cases.

The Ommis data transfer format keeps the internal Omnis data structure  
intact so it can be used to export/import binary data fields like  
lists etc. The downside is that it would keep bad data intact too.

So I would suggest export in tab delimited and import to a new  
datafile ( assuming you have no binary data fields to preserve in  


On 25 May 2008, at 18:04, Ben Weinberg <ben at> wrote:

> Listers:
> I am working with an O$3.3 native data file where one file format  
> takes up more blocks than I think it should.  The Data file browser  
> shows this file's max record length at nearly 5 MB.  My objective is  
> to locate and delete this particular record.
> I have written a method to step through the records and sum the  
> lengths and binlengths of selected suspect fields and none shows a  
> field anywhere near that big.
> Next, I exported the file's data in two ways: tab-delimited and  
> Omnis.  The tab-delimited export file is about 10 MB while the Omnis  
> export file is 83 MB.
> Can anyone shed some light on this?
> Ben Weinberg
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