Notation Session

Doug Kuyvenhoven omnisdev at
Sat May 24 18:58:36 EDT 2008

Hi Fred:

Didn't Rudolf Bargholz do a session on notation a number of years ago?  
I missed that conference but heard tips and tricks from others.

Notation is such a broad topic you could spend a week on it.

Doug Kuyvenhoven
Vencor Software -

On 24-May-08, at 5:58 PM, Fred Brinkman wrote:

> Still looking for somebody that can do sessions on $Notation... one  
> of those topics that everybody think they knows but do not... just  
> like OO... same story, everybody thinks they know but they don't...  
> Back to basics... there's so incredibly much new notation stuff that  
> a week of EurOmnis probably is not enough...
> I'll ask RD for some brains to borrow, will keep you informed...
> Fred Brinkman
> Op 24 mei 2008, om 23:43 heeft Gavin Foster het volgende geschreven:
>> or maybe there's a whole topic there for Euromnis in October

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