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Andy Hilton andyh at
Sat May 24 09:41:33 EDT 2008

If you go to rent a car and you asked for a basic Ford, but because they
don't have any they give you a Rolls Royce, you're happy, all you wanted was
a car. But if you asked for a Rolls Royce and they gave you a basic Ford
you'd be upset. So just because A is equivalent to B doesn't mean B is
equivalent to A :)

Just a weekend thought.....!


On 5/24/08 9:09 AM, "Brian O'Sullivan" <brian.os at> wrote:

> Fred Brinkman wrote:
>> Hmmm, Studio manages relational databases so it is in fact a
>> relational database management system... ;-)
> uh, I don't think E.F.Codd would've agreed to that definition ;-)

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