$cinst.$class of a subwindow

Terence J. Young, D.C. terry.young at mail.mhcdc.org
Fri May 23 15:17:29 EDT 2008

Hi Gav,

I am not having much luck today; but, what if you substitute..

$cclass().$name for $cinst.$class().$name


omnislist at dataweaver.com wrote:
> Hi $all,
> I have a generic line in my $construct, which assigns a popup menu to 
> a headed list as follows:
> Do irListHeaded.$contextmenu.$assign(con('mpop',$cinst.$class().$name))
> If a popup menu exists in the form 'mpopWindowName' then this works 
> fine...or doesn't in some cases!
> I have two subwindows on a parent window, 'WindowParent'.
> One is called 'WindowA', the other 'WindowB'
> There are two popup menus in the library: 'mpopWindowA' and 'mpopWindowB'
> When WindowA is instantiating, $cinst.$class().$name returns 'WindowA' 
> but when WindowB is instantiating, this returns 'WindowParent'.
> Funny thing is, if I set a reference to $cinst, the reference seems to 
> point to the subwindow, WindowB. However, itemReference.$class() still 
> returns the parent window name.
> Any ideas?
> Rgds
> Gav
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