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Chris Peck chris-peck at wordmaster.com
Fri May 23 11:38:08 EDT 2008

Hi All,


I'm having an issue getting the method lines/text to return to either a list
or a char var using notation.  I have a list of the object's items (e.g.
$event, $control) and can verify that the method lines are there via the
notation inspector (which is not helping much here).  I can see that under
the $methodlines level are the individual lines (labeled '1', '2', '3',
etc), but I'm unsure if they are stored individually or en masse, as Classic
I believe does it.  I've used the following constructs to try to get at
them, but all of them fail.  The first two are variations on the same code,
and the 3rd is just trying another approach since nothing else is working
for me.  I've tried multiple variations of all of the code below too.


Calculate #F as


Calculate #F as


(I receive the following error for both notation lines above:  Problem with

Name].$methods.[lvObjectItemName] or
$event.$methodlines.$appendlist(lvMethodLinesList,$ref.$ident) When
evaluating $event)


Calculate cvMethodText as


The error I am getting for this one is: Problem with notation

Name].$methods.$event.$methodlines.$text When evaluating $event

This is not a recognized attribute for the parent item


Which tells me there is a level in-between $methodlines and $text, as I
thought there was.  I can't figure out what I'm missing here.  I have also
tried using $ref.$order, $ref.$name, $ref.$text for the $appendlist
arguments, all of which all give me the same error message, which seems to
be stopping me at the $event level.  Any notation gurus have a suggestion or



Chris Peck

Software Developer

Word Master, Inc.


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