4.3.1 is out

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at clientrax.com
Thu May 22 14:18:42 EDT 2008

Hi Kelly,

Yes, have been playing around with it and after 2 to 4 tries I have gotten
them all to convert.

I am not too happy with the conversion in the first place.  Means I will
need to upgrade the runtimes of all the customers that want to use an
updated library.

I need to find out if there is a way to create an installer that will not
require the user to reenter their serial numbers.



Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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I got that once, was as surprised as you.  Tried a second time and it 
converted fine - can't remember for sure, but I think the first time 
I dropped the library on the 4.3.1 app to launch it, got the error, 
and dragged the library into the open browser the second time, when 
it worked OK.


>I am getting an error in several of my libraries when Omnis 4.3.1 tries to
>convert it.
>"Cannot open a Unicode version of an Omnis Library in the non-Unicode
>  version of Omnis."
>  I have never user the Unicode version and they continue to open in the
>  previous version of Omnis 4.3.
>  Mike
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