O$: help #??? for memory file

Mark Phillips mark.phillips at mophilly.com
Thu May 22 10:36:12 EDT 2008

On May 22, 2008, at 2:09 AM, Stefano Boldrin wrote:

> In my code I open and close many libraries, many times in many places,
> but never saw a thing like this... that call only behaves in that way
> and... the latest strangeness...happens sometimes only!!!!

If some of your libraries are dependent on File Classes in other  
libraries, chances are good that a library with a requisite File Class  
is closed while the library with references to same remains open. The  
dereferenced variable marker (#???) would then appear.

Just a guess. Your situation may not agree with my assumptions. ;-)

Happy days,

  - mophilly

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