O$: idea for window $zoomfactor

Michael Houlberg michael at houlbergdevelopment.com
Wed May 21 17:30:23 EDT 2008


I've never used this myself, but you should look into the library  
properties $screencoordinates, $hscale, $vscale, and $fontscale.  I  
know there have been some discussions on the list in the past.  That  
might allow you to do what you want.

Michael Houlberg
Houlberg Development, LLC

On May 21, 2008, at 2:08 PM, Gavin Foster wrote:

> OK - no negative feedback. Any positive comments? Anybody think this  
> would be a good feature to have?
> Think iPhone or iTouch interface with the ability to zoom in for  
> legibility (great for visually impaired users). Think of the Omnis  
> ability to inc/decrease list font size but applied to whole windows.  
> Actually the idea came to me after seeing some cool Flex interface &  
> I thought, "Omnis needs that!"
> Gav
>> Wouldn't it be useful if Omnis windows had a $zoomfactor which  
>> could be adjusted at runtime by program or user input?
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