O7 vs. O$: Input Mask Issue

Steve Finger steve at srptech.com
Wed May 21 15:23:51 EDT 2008

This is what I ended up doing also. I didn't have a lot of luck with 
Studio masked entry fields compared to Omnis 7. They seemed harder to 
deal with then the Omnis 7 version.

Trapping the evAfter on a regular entry field and doing the formatting 
was the easiest solution.

Steve Finger

Terence J. Young, D.C. wrote:
> After reading my post, I realized this is still going to require your 
> user to type in the leading 0; you could just try using an unmasked 
> entry and use evafter traps to reconfigure $contents and $dataname for 
> the field with a jst() function
> terry
> Terence J. Young, D.C. wrote:

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