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Jim Pistrang jim at
Wed May 21 06:53:08 EDT 2008

Hi Peter,

>Could you tell me a bit more about this.
>How do you embed these tags?

A tag to change the size of text to 24-point looks like this:

If I want the subtitle of my graph to be this size I could do this:

Calculate ivGraphRef.$subtitle as '<*size=24*>Incidents by Day'

(note: ivGraphRef is a reference to the graph2 object on the window)

However, some of the text objects are not simple properties.  For
example, the legend on the graph is built from the text in the first
column of the list that is in the $dataname associated with the graph. 
Consider a list that looks like this:
     Monday      25
     Tuesday     30
     Wednesday   33
     Thursday    27
     Friday      18
If you want the legend to appear in size 24 you would need to make the
list look like this:
     <*size=24*>Monday      25
     <*size=24*>Tuesday     30
     <*size=24*>Wednesday   33
     <*size=24*>Thursday    27
     <*size=24*>Friday      18

The markup language is referred to in the documentation as CDML
(ChartDirector Markup Language).  (google on this to find all sorts of
documentation)  You can use it to modify font, size, width, height,
color, and underline, as well as to embed images.

Hope this is helpful.


Jim Pistrang
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