O$: $makelist not working

Dr Caroline Wilkins caroline at ib2bsystems.com
Tue May 20 10:31:38 EDT 2008

This is driving me batty! Can anyone see why this isn't working properly 

Do $root.$libs.[iApp].$windows.$makelist($ref.$name) Returns 
iWindowList   -   In a library of over 500 windows, that line of code is 
returning a list of 7 windows.

Do $root.$libs.[iApp].$classes.$makelist($ref.$name) Returns 
iClassList   -   is returning a pitiful number

Do $root.$libs.[iApp].$menus.$makelist($ref.$name) Returns iMenuList   
-   This is finding 2 menu classes in a library containing 200 or more.

Is it possible that classes that came over from a Classic conversion 
aren't being picked up by $makelist()?

How does the Omnis IDE pick up it's list of classes etc within a library?

Any thoughts much appreciated :)

Best Regards

iB2B Ltd

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