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Mon May 19 03:24:44 EDT 2008


As Jonathan pointed out it is always a good approach to pass in a  
return method. This makes the usage of the enter data command useless  
and also guides the developer to create shorter and therefore reusable  

Please see my technical note "programming without the enter data  
command" at


Hope this helps.

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Am 19.05.2008 um 04:27 schrieb Kim Martel:

> As I am changeing to sql is their an easy way to pass a paramter  
> back from an open window which was opened by another window when it  
> is closed.
> Eg when opening a list to select staff, breed etc using open window,  
> enter data, close window.  I can get the selected data back by using  
> a $task variable but woundering if there is a method without using  
> the $task variable.
> Calculate tInterger as 0
> Open window instance wListStaff
> Enter data
> Close window instance wListStaff
> Calculate istaffNo as tInterger
> Do iRowStaff.$definefromsqlclass('T_Staff')
> Do iRowStaff.$select('where Id=',istaffNo)
> Do iRowStaff.$fetch()
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> Kim Martel
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