webclient - iis config help needed

Jock Philip jock at visionchips.com
Fri May 16 20:12:02 EDT 2008

Yeah, the wheelchair and cane omnis crowd is still going strong. Most of
them need some nursing care these days but are still energetic enough to
have an opinion here and there but not much else.


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> At 4:58 PM -0700 5/16/08, Jock Philip wrote:
> >What is this? We haven't heard from you for years and 
> suddenly you're 
> >the most prolific writer on the list??
> >
> >How you doing Russ?
> LOL.   Doing great, thanks.  Still doing a lot of xml/xslt work, web 
> services  and such.  Also still active in the filemaker 
> community with a couple of products and some speciality 
> consulting there. 
> Haven't had an omnis gig in a long time, but got a call from 
> a firm about 2 miles from where I live so am trying to help 
> them out.  Nice to see so many of the same folks here.....and 
> some new ones apparently.
> In the interim i've had a couple of kids, gotten into making 
> wine as a hobby, and fallen through the rabbit hole of second 
> life.  Still living in s. cal and just finished a 4 year 
> chapter of working out of my home by bolting to a smallish 
> office nearby to find some quiet to get my work done :)
> Glad to see the crew is still here.
> - Russ
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