O$: "Queue set current field" in complex grid

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This validation routine is not called from fieldname.$event() or
windowName.$control() (i.e.: in real time, more or less), but rather
windowName.$event, after evOK. As I mentioned, this window lets the user
enter empties/zeroes all over the place, and then handles them once the user
says "Save". The method is only looking for empties/zeroes, obviously; I the
user enters something, then it's checked for relational integrity.

And yes, I do it this way to avoid (in part) the hassles you describe, where
you have to enter something before you can fix another thing elsewhere. I
hate it when that happens!

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the code sample.  From what I see, this code snippet is setup 
to allow a user to only tab to the next row as long as a the target 
character field you have identified is not empty.  Does this still work if 
the user selects another row using the mouse?  For example, I'm in row 4 
of the grid, I haven't yet completed the target field, but I discovered 
there was something in row 1 that I mistyped.  So, now I click away from 
row 4, in the middle of the row, and select a cell in row 1.  Does the 
While loop also prevent this behavior?  If it does, then that will work 
for me; if it doesn't, it won't since I need to be able to validate 
whether the user uses the keyboard and the mouse.

Kevin J. Martin
ID-Ten-Tee Software

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