Mac -> MSSQL disconnect/timeout

Reg Paling Reg.Paling at
Thu May 15 19:40:00 EDT 2008

Hi Rob,
> I have deployed my Studio 4.2 app on both Win and Mac.  They are both 
> hitting against a common MSSQL database server.  On Windows I am using 
> the built in drivers and everything is working fine.  On Mac (OSX 
> 10.4) I am connecting through Actual's drivers, and it's working great 
> except when the app is idle for a while, maybe 15-30 minutes.  If that 
> happens, it appears that it has disconnected from the database and you 
> get the spinning wheel.
I've had similar problems, caused by the firewall/modem/router dropping 
the connection.  When you first connect, the router sets up an entry for 
port 1433 in its temporary routing tables and as long as there is 
activity the entry stays alive. But eventually the firmware logic 
decides to time out.  All the little low-cost appliance routers have 
different firmware in them and they all do their thing with varying 
levels of obscurity!  Most of them don't allow you to set the timeout 
parameters.  Sounds like this setup may well have a different type of 
router at each point?

So my guess is that this is the cause and the apparent difference 
between Mac & Windows is just a coincidence.  I'd suggest you find a 
cheap model that works and replace the ones at the non-working sites 
with the same model.


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