Mac -> MSSQL disconnect/timeout

Rob Brandt bronto at
Thu May 15 19:07:53 EDT 2008

I have deployed my Studio 4.2 app on both Win and Mac.  They are both 
hitting against a common MSSQL database server.  On Windows I am using 
the built in drivers and everything is working fine.  On Mac (OSX 10.4) 
I am connecting through Actual's drivers, and it's working great except 
when the app is idle for a while, maybe 15-30 minutes.  If that happens, 
it appears that it has disconnected from the database and you get the 
spinning wheel.

The Macs are dispersed - Santa Barbara, Denver & Madison - and all 
connecting to the same database over port 1433.  The Windows ones are 
also dispersed, connect to the same database and don't have this problem.

I've talked to Actual and they indicate that their drivers do not have a 
low timeout value, it's something like a day.  So I'm looking elsewhere 
for the problem.

Any ideas?


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