O$: "Queue set current field" in complex grid

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Thu May 15 12:19:10 EDT 2008


I have tried this numerous times in a complex grid that is associated with 
a list.  I have never been able to get the cursor to change line location 
by changing the current line in the list (Do 
ilstListName.$line.$assign(2), for example).  I just tried it again in a 
simple test form in Studio 4.2 and got the same results:  the grid cursor 
does not change rows, although the current field is changed by the "Queue 
set current field."  What am I missing?

As a result, I wrote my own method set to navigate a complex grid.  I use 
it with row validation to return the grid cursor to the offending row and 
cell that failed validation.  I'd welcome a much simpler navigation 
method, but I haven't found it yet.


Kevin J. Martin
ID-Ten-Tee Software

Doug Kuyvenhoven <omnisdev at vencor.ca>
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Re: O$: "Queue set current field" in complex grid

HI Joe:

First set the current line in the datalist represented by the complex 

Then queue set current field.


Doug Kuyvenhoven
Vencor Software - www.vencor.ca

On 15-May-08, at 9:25 AM, Joe Brower wrote:

> Howdy, listers,
> Rather than fiddle with this, I thought I'd pass it by y'all and 
> give the
> list a little traffic. <G!>  I have gone through the list archives and
> Studio docs, and could not find this particular bit mentioned 
> anywhere.
> I need to perform a "Queue set current field" to a specific cell in a
> complex grid. The reason for this is because I allow the user to 
> enter empty
> or zero values into grid cells, and then check them once the user has
> clicked "OK".
> Example: Suppose I have a complex grid with data entered, 5 columns 
> across
> and 4 rows deep. My cursor is on line 3, column 4 when I click "OK".
> However, the empty value is on line 2, column 2, and that's where I 
> want the
> cursor to go after an OK dialog informs the user of the error.
> Currently, I simply have "Quit event handler (Discard event)" after 
> the
> dialog, which leave the cursor in its current position.
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Joe Brower

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